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Here is where you will find us.  Here is where we can add real value.

The intersection of the application process, grantmaking decision, and grantee relationship building

The threshold between knowing you want to support the community and getting to know targeted nonprofit organizations

Building bridges to a deeper understanding of the concerns and perspectives of nonprofit partners via surveys, roundtables or other convenings

The transfer of family “leadership” from one generation to the next; exploring philanthropic ideals and legacy

The link between sound nonprofit management practices and the ability to successfully accomplish the mission

Strategic Services

  • Connecting clients to best practices in philanthropy

  • Recommendations on grantmaking tactics

  • Coaching for staff & trustees

Project Support for Grantmakers

  • Application design, content, and format review

  • Grantee surveys and grantmaking assessments

  • Proposal review & evaluation


  • Family meetings to explore philanthropic purpose

  • Training, board retreats, workshops for grantees

  • Convening grantee partners to explore needs and issues

Advice and Guidance for Donors and Families

  • Help families understand their values and how to align giving and engagement to match those values

  • Educate donors on how to build productive relationships with nonprofits they support

Collaboration with Professional Advisors

  • Helping clients to map out a philanthropic plan that integrates with financial plans

  • Coaching advisors on nonprofit and philanthropy basics so they can better respond to their clients' questions

Strategic Support for Nonprofit Organizations

  • Strategic Planning

  • Training for staff and board

  • Board retreats and staff retreats

  • Organizational assessments

  • Membership/Constituent surveys 

Let's talk about what we can achieve together!

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