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Book Marshall Ginn for your next conference, workshop or training

Marshall can speak/present in a number of settings, including:

  • Conference Breakout Sessions

  • Conference Plenary Sessions

  • Staff Training Events

  • Board Retreat Facilitation

  • Board Meeting Training Sessions

  • Strategic Planning Retreats

  • Panel Moderation

  • Workshop Facilitation

Marshall can speak on a range of philanthropy and nonprofit sector topics, including:

  • Funder/Grantee Relationship Building

  • Grant Decision-Making Process and Approaches

  • Board Engagement, Governance, and Leadership

  • Nonprofit Management and Its Connection to Mission Capacity

  • Establishing a Strategic Framework for the Future

  • Becoming a Trustworthy Nonprofit Partner

  • People First Leadership

  • Sustainability Success Factors

  • Building Fundraising Capacity

  • And more, feel free to inquire

Exponent Philanthropy

“The session “Change Up Your Questions” was responsive to participants’ needs and questions. We spoke with a number of people who were delighted for the opportunity to participate and found it to be very useful as they move forward with the important work of their philanthropy. I was also pleased to see the high engagement of the people in the room, and their spirited peer discussions.”   
Presentation Snapshot ChangeUp2018
Sorkin summit presentation photo
board retreat photo

Compass Pro Bono

“It has been such a pleasure working with you this year! Thank you for all you’ve done to elevate our fundraising trainings, and for making the Sorkin Summit so engaging. We have received great feedback about your panel.”

National Capital Treatment & Rehabilitation

"Your presentation was exactly what I had hoped, and it sparked good conversation that was also a good segue into the conversation with the Board about development in general and about our big event, specifically."

To book Marshall for your upcoming training or conference, call 202-213-3200 or email and put “Speaking Inquiry” in the subject line.

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