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Details and Additional Information on Philanthropy Services

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Application Check Up & Grantmaking Process Review

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An efficient review of the forms and materials - written and online - through which current and potential grantee partners apply for support. Can also include a thorough review of the overall process you undertake to identify, assess, and ultimately decide on grants to distribute. The review will include an assessment of your materials, but also an examination of your overall calendar and communications, as well as the tools, factors, and tactics used to support your decision making.

This is especially helpful if you have not made any revisions to your application materials in the last 5 years or more.


Service & Support for individuals, couples, and families

Services & Support for family foundations and lean-staffed grantmaking foundations

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I can provide a broad range of advisory, coaching, and support services to family foundations and other lean-staffed grantmaking foundations. This support can include many of the services listed on this page as well as targeted work with the Foundation's board and staff.

Click here to download a complete list of the services provided to family foundations. 

Philanthropic advisory support and coaching is also available for individuals, couples, and families who are eager to explore how they can use philanthropy to make an impact on the community. Marshall is a Certified Advisor trained in the 21/64 Approach for working with families exploring their philanthropic impact.  All families are welcome!!

Click here to download a description of advisory services provided to individuals and families

Grantee Engagement Survey; Focus Groups, Community Convenings & Meeting Facilitation

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A comprehensive process that includes a survey submitted to all grantees as well as one-on-one interviews with the CEO/ED of selected grantees. Topics explored can include interactions between you and your grantees as well as their assessment of key emerging issues in the community. At the conclusion, I will provide a summary of the survey data and a series of recommendations to your board.  Gatherings and convenings of various sizes can be an effective way to learn more about the issues in your community, identify potentially unmet needs, as well as understand the work of your nonprofit partners. I can provide both planning and facilitation support.


Click here to download a sample report from an assessment done for a family foundation.


Support for Financial and Wealth Advisors

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Provide your foundation or family clients with tailored philanthropic advice that complements their investment and wealth management advice. I can help guide advisors on how best to coach clients through evaluating potential targets for philanthropic support or volunteer engagement, as well as provide basic training for advisors to enhance their understanding of nonprofit management issues. Click here to see a summary of advisory services provided to individuals, couples and families.


General Nonprofit Management

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Consulting services are available to all nonprofits, covering a variety of project types, including:

  • Strategic Planning

  • Organizational Assessments

  • Board Development and Training

  • Resource Development

  • Board Retreats


Capacity Building Support

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Coaching and technical assistance provided on your behalf to your grantee partners. Topics can include board leadership, resource development, strategic planning, and more.

Guidance for Businesses

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Employees and customers want to know that businesses are committed to making their community a great place to live and work. They often make purchasing decisions or decide to stay on the team based on that commitment. I can work with business owners to show them how they can communicate to employees and customers/clients that they support the community where they live.

We can identify and explore a company’s values that guide their work and assess how they demonstrate those values through community engagement and guide how a company decides what causes or organizations it wants to support and who’s involved in that process.  I can also work with any business to help it develop a way to respond to requests from nonprofit organizations asking for contributions, sponsorships, or pro bono services in a consistent and equitable manner.

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